Our experience

The firm has developed recognised expertise in transactional taxation. It has built its reputation on structuring of M&A transactions. The team advises French and foreign groups of companies and investors on their M&A, LBO, asset financing, acquisitions and portfolio disposals.

Couderc Dinh & Associés also provides tax advice to companies regarding complex issues requiring sophisticated analysis as well as the implementation of innovative solutions. We also assist our clients with the tax management of companies and groups concerning corporate tax, tax consolidation, VAT or real estate tax issues. The firm covers both domestic taxation and international taxation, which is one of its specialities.

Lawyers are also involved in assistance with tax audits and tax disputes. In this respect, the firm supports its clients on complex cases requiring a detailed analysis, a sense of strategy, technical qualities and strong negotiating capacities. In a context of tougher tax controls, the firm conducts litigation in front of the highest tax courts if an agreement with the tax authorities, still sought, could not be found. The new constraints related to the criminalisation of tax law are also perfectly integrated. On these aspects, the firm works in close cooperation with Gastaud Lellouche Hanoune Monnot, a leading firm specialised in business criminal law.

The firm also uses a proactive approach in litigation. In a world where France’s fiscal sovereignty is increasingly regulated by constraints imposed by international law, and in particular EU law, the firm ensures the compatibility of the French standards with the higher standards and is at the forefront of identifying potential disagreements that may be raised by its clients before national and European courts. The Corporate Tax team has thus distinguished itself in some of the most emblematic tax disputes in recent years, particularly the famous litigation that led to the repeal of the 3% tax on distributed amounts.