An independent firm

Couderc Dinh & Associés is an independent law firm created in 2020, by Frédéric Bucher, Christian Couderc, Hervé-Antoine Couderc and Emmanuel Dinh, bringing together a team of lawyers specialised in business law, tax law and heritage legislation.

A close-knit team

A close-knit team makes it possible to provide tailor-made support to its clients, which are entrepreneurs, family businesses, multinational companies, large fortunes, management companies and investment funds. Couderc Dinh & Associés assists them on a large scale of operations – such as M&A, capital restructuring and business transfers, among others. We also advise our clients on complex issues involving sophisticated analysis and provide them with assistance in litigation and dispute resolution.

Faced with increasingly complex regulations, ever-increasing internationalisation and the emergence of new criminal risks, particularly in tax matters, companies, private equity players and managers need to receive top-of-the-range support, both in advice and litigation, in order to help them to respond to new risks, but also to detect and exploit new opportunities.

The partners

Our partners all have solid financial and entrepreneurial literacy and have worked together as a team in other firms, some of them for many years. They use their recognised experience and expertise to forge personalised, close and lasting relationships with their clients. This favors the involvement of lawyers very early in the decision-making process, thus facilitating the development of the most innovative legal and tax strategies, always in compliance with ethics.

Our team